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I Hate It When I Disappoint Myself

Bellies For Babies 2014 Cast

Northside Tribe spent the last several months preparing for our big student show, Bellies for Babies, in collaboration with Jahara Phoenix dance troupe and Sherar, their student troupe. Saturday night, July 12, all three troupes took over the Dancing Goats Theater in John’s Creek to benefit the March of Dimes. I performed in three group┬ánumbers …

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The Year I Became a Dancer

I think 2013 will stay in my memory as the year I actually became a dancer. Just a very amateur, baby bellydancer, mind you, but a dancer nonetheless. I upped the learning with my weekly classes. Lacy’s regular classes remained the foundation, with several new choreographies and semi-regular ATS┬« classes. Jenny and Nawar’s intermediate tag-team …

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Why We Dance in Perry, GA

Perry Belly Dance has been invited to perform in festivals and events all over middle Georgia. But this year they were specifically asked NOT to perform at the Perry Dogwood Festival this weekend — there was “no appropriate space” for them, and when they asked about doing street performances, they were told “We’d rather you …

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Raks Geek

I was checking my Facebook feed at lunchtime and found that Mary had found and shared an incredibly geeky bellydance video from the Chicago Raks Geek event last month. After giggling through watching the first one, I had to find the rest of the videos from the event, put them into a playlist, and share …

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An Impromptu Performance

The weekend after July 4th my nanobusiness, Copper Dancer Designs, was at the Sandy Springs Artsapalooza to sell our jewelry. The AFFPS shows generally not only have an artist market, they have entertainment as well. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not so good, and sometimes, well… Sunday at noon the stage hosted Aviva and the …

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A Night in the Oasis!!

We originally thought we wouldn’t get to attend Mina’s inaugural Hafla at the Oasis because Amoora was supposed to have an event that night. But it got postponed, so Lacy arranged for her students to debut her first ever group choreography there. I missed the original email about it, so when I realized what was …

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From the RLC Show, it’s Sabeeya!!

We just heard that Sabeeya’s “I Am Woman” by Jordin Sparks is going to be the fusion/alternative dance for the Nazeem Allayl Fall 2011 Studio Show. Yip!!! Here’s a preview: [yt video=”buuDgofJaD8″ width=”420″ height=”255″ /]


WE’RE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the text I received from Mary at 8:40 p.m. Tuesday. I had been in my regular Tuesday night class, completely on tenterhooks just as we had both been all day. I had tried to relieve the tension during class announcements by a bit of clowning, pretending to bite my nails all …

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Every year Nazeem Allayl Dance Studio puts on a show at the Red Light Cafe, a small performing venue in Midtown. Mostly it’s the studio’s professional dancers and amateur troupe members, but student performers are included in the program as well. Unlike our studio shows and haflas, you have to audition if you want to …

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