Cat Stories

In addition to my animal rescue work, I have had the privilege of providing a home for eight cats, my current and former “staff. Sarah and Donovan, are shown below holding a “staff meeting.”


Iris — Co-Founder (? – 1998)


Sarah — Senior Vice President and Diva Goddess (1997 – 2015)


Donovan — Head of Security, Vice-President of Amusements (2003 – 2011)


Mr. Boots — Official Greeter Cat (? – 2012)

Mr. Boots

Tara — Inventory Specialist


Essie and Firedancer (picture coming soon)

Sophie — Receptionist (coming soon)

Sirius Black — (coming soon)

Rocky — (Coming soon)

Shadow — “Grandcat” and Head Yoga Instructor (coming soon)



2000? – 2017


“Princess Aries” lived with “Miss Parker” for the first nine years of her life. We don’t know much about her life before she met us, other than she is a purebred Himalayan, though not a show cat; she lived with at least one other Himalayan for part of that time; and she never bonded at …


September, 1992 – December 24, 1998 Our family was adopted by Iris in September of 1992, when we had taken some articles over to a friend’s house for typing (my husband and I were editing the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club newsletter at the time). While my husband and the friend were talking, I saw a …


January 16, 1999 – The house was dreadfully empty after IrisCat’s death on Christmas Eve, 1998, but I needed a little time to mourn. Still, the talk with my friends online was not of if, but rather when, another cat would join us. Someone suggested that all the catspirits were out there fighting over who …


July 17, 2003 – December 30, 2011 After moving into our condo in May, it seemed a little lonely with just Sarah and me, even with Randy home for the summer. Several people had suggested that a puppy might be a good idea, just to get me out a bit. So I started going out …

Mr. Boots

March 7, 2008 – October 31, 2012 On the last day of my spring break, I happily got up early to go fill in on Clean & Feed at Good Mews — I’d been missing my Friday morning ladies! After greeting Connie, Charlene, Patty, and Karen, I popped my head into Intake to say hello …

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