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Etsy, you’ve done it again

Dear Etsy, Congratulations. You’ve done it again, and I don’t mean that in a good way. Your oh-so-cute Gift Guides for Grandmas and Grandpas went out of their way (before they were edited to CYA) to perpetuate your stereotypical view of anyone over, oh, say, 35 as completely out of touch with today’s culture and …

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Letter to the Editor

The fall issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry was on the stands at Borders Saturday afternoon.? When I picked it up, the first thing I turned to was the Letters to the Editor section.? It contained four very brief, nothing-but-praise entries — not even a breath about the negative responses to the Carter Seibels feature in …

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Ageism isn’t okay either.

Most of us know better by now than to make racist or sexist comments, at least in public.? Ageism, though, seems to still be considered fair game, at least among certain venues in the craftosphere. First there was this little gem from the Etsy Forums: Vanessa says (snip) Here’s the thing. We really want to …

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