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Show, Day 1

It was slow. What can I say? Pretty much we were all in agreement — even Audrey, when she came and browsed late in the afternoon, said it had been slow. Of course, we have had shows with slow Saturdays before, and they have usually been followed by good Sundays, so we shall remain optimistic. …

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No, not THAT kind of quickie ::frown::. I spent all evening doing all the show prep stuff that I know not to put off until the last minute but do so anyway. I always end up cleaning the last batch of beads on the last night, and then they have to be sorted, culled, placed …

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I Don’t Do It Alone, Part II

Besides Gary, there’s one other critical person associated with my business — my occasional business partner Andrea, of Four Tails Lampwork. Although we have separate online businesses, we team up to do shows, and that works out VERY well for us. One reason is that our styles of work are complimentary but not copy-cat; she …

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