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Pops — Another Reason to Rescue

This is Pops. We don't know anything about his life prior to about ten days ago, when an anonymous woman near Canton found him in her yard during the worst of our recent bitter cold spell. He was emaciated to the point of starvation, dehydrated, hypothermic, and generally in very bad shape. She brought him …

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Meeting Lexie and Lenny

My brother Chris is a fellow animal lover and rescue volunteer, recently joining forces with Our Pal’s Place here in Marietta (I use the phrase “joining forces” advisedly because my brother is a force to be reckoned with!). Among the many tasks he takes on for them is being K9 coach, trainer, and friend of …

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Where did the holiday go?

I had good intentions for this five-day weekend, I truly did. Like so many of my good intentions, they didn’t get completely fulfilled. I was going to: catch up on the massive grading backlog. Well, I at least sorted out the papers and graded a little bit. A very little bit. get a bunch of …

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Respond and Rework

I got this from Kandice Seeber, who got it from the BeadedLily’s Sketchbook blog — sounds like a fun meme! THE RULES: Respond and rework. Answer the questions on your own blog; replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention; add one more question of your own. THE QUESTIONS: What …

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Pictures of Mr. Boots

Here are some pictures of Mr. Boots, both before he came home from Good Mews and since he’s been home. Mr. Boots’ Picture Album

Mr. Boots is home!

Mr. Boots was finally allowed to come home Friday! We are still trying to get a good handle on his medical issues, particularly the cause of the anemia, but as Dr. Ray put it, “Mr. Boots needs to get on with his life.” So everyone cleared him to get out of that double-wide cage and …

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Update on Mr. Boots

Mr. Boots still has not been able to come home. We ran his bloodwork again last week, and when the results came back several of the numbers indicating anemia were even lower. After discussing it with Dr. Ray at CCR, Dana arranged to send Mr. Boots over there for an ultrasound and x-rays today so …

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Mr. Boots

On the last day of my spring break last Friday I happily got up early to go fill in on Clean & Feed at Good Mews — I’d been missing my Friday morning ladies! After greeting Connie, Charlene, Patty, and Karen, I popped my head into Intake to say hello to the new residents. Almost …

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Happy Thanksgiving

Mom iz bizzy fixin Thanxgivin fud so I r writin in her blog for her.? Aftr al, kittehs has lots to be fankful fer too!? We kittehs haz many krunchifuds to nomnom, warm sqooshy bedz to curlz up in, soft kwiltz and bankies to? lie on and stay warm wif, and katnip mowsies and fweecie …

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Disappointing show so far

Indeed, this weekend’s show was certainly disappointing on the first day, not only for us but for all the other artisan-vendors we talked with.? I thought all day that there didn’t seem to be the attendance I was accustomed to seeing, and both Diane and Lisa confirmed it.? I do not even think we have …

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