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Cynthia Rutledge’s Class

I haven’t done any seed bead work in ages. It didn’t stop me from squeezing in a Cynthia Rutledge class on her annual trip to Beads by Design, because her work is phenomenal. The class levels were advertised as intermediate to advanced, but I figured I knew just enough to get by if I was …

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Test Your Color IQ

XRite.com has a test at their website where you can see how well you can distinguish between very similar hues by arranging color chips in a smooth gradient from one color to another.? The color ranges used are ones which the human eye has a hard time distinguishing from one another — basically somewhat washed-out …

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Thanks a lot, Glass Alchemy

Dear Glass Alchemy, Thanks a lot.? I've been on a self-imposed until-we-move-this-fall glass buying moratorium recently, because I already have so much glass to move that merely thinking about it makes me cringe.? I was doing just fine until I got your newsletter in my email this morning.? Sure, I'm delighted to see that the …

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