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Taking Technique I

After finishing three bellydance choreography classes, I knew it was time to really get down to technique. The choreography classes do go over the moves used in each dance, but it’s kind of a “here’s what it looks like, just follow as best you can” presentation. It’s been hard to really see what each move …

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You’re Taking WHAT Lessons???

Last time it was Dee’s fault — she arranged for the fusing/flameworking workshop that made me realize I could play with fire in a carefully arranged home studio. This time it’s Andrea’s fault. She found that Nazeem Allayl Studio offered a Saturday morning walk-in workout class at their Perimeter studio, halfway between her place and …

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I should have done this long ago!

I have been feeling fat and flabby, which everyone knows is NOT a good way to feel. I can’t get into half of my pants or most of my shorts, and some of my favorite shirts are snugger than they ought to be. The hot weather is here, which makes it tough to get out …

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