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Got my tunes back!!!

I haven’t had sound working on my computer since this fall’s rebuild.? It took me a while for the problem to get annoying enough to deal with, but it finally did.? Actually, it was as much the fact that DH is getting fed up with Windows and AOL and how things just don’t play nice …

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The MP3 Player

I may be almost the last person in the world to get themselves an MP3 player, but I finally got one yesterday, a Creative Zen Xtra Nomad Jukebox.  Yes, it’s obsolete technology, but it was dirt cheap and is large enough (30GB) to hold most, if not all, of my CD collection.  I knew I …

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Music to melt glass by

I’ve had my stereo hooked up in my studio for a couple of months, but rarely remember to turn it on before I fire up the torch. Today I remembered, and put the newest Putumayo Celtic compilation, Celtic Crossroads, in the CD player. I have a huge passion for contemporary Celtic music, and now I …

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