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A PHP Experience Update

I finally tried to work a little bit today on the PHP mailing list for CCSC:SE. I followed the directions for editing the config.php file, inserted all the data Hunter had given me, and oops! It couldn’t find the database. This exchange of email followed: Julia wrote: Okay, Hunter, maybe I’m just an idiot. I …

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43 Things — On “learn PHP and MySQL”

Progress so far: bought two books onlineā€”the Visual Quickpro guide came today, Learning PHP 5 is on the way. Went to http://www.php.net/ and downloaded some tutorial materials. Downloaded the PHPList package and tried to install it at work, got server errors, emailed Hunter for help. I looked at some of the PHPList code and it …

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43 Whatevers

i started fooling around with 43 Things last night. So far I’m up to 9 goals, but I can’t quite seem to get linked to 43 Places as well. Until I can either figure out how link the list into a page posting (which means figure out the JavaScript or, Goddess forbid, actually WORK ON …

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