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Christmas Presents

DH and I don’t make a big huge deal out of Stuff as possible for Christmas, since we pretty much have everything we want/need anyway, and if we don’t we get it for ourselves if we really want it. My family has gotten so darn big (parents, five kids plus spouses, eleven grandkids) that the …

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Catching Up Is Hard To Do

So I go away for three and a half days with highly limited computer access (just a brief chance on Friday to check email). I come back to over a hundred personal emails, not quite that many work emails, various and sundry forum postings at the Glass Haven, bunches of Tweets, and over 350 things …

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At the Mall

Anyone who knows me well knows that I regard both visiting any mall and shopping for clothes as only slightly higher than mammograms and colonoscopies on the List Of Fun Things To Do.? However, some local group was offering free prostate cancer screenings at The Evil Mall today, and DH thought it wise to take …

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