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The “What Tarot Card Are You” Quiz

Kandice Seeber at Coloraddiction pointed me to the “What Tarot Card Are You?” quiz online. I can’t say the result surprised me at all — that’s always been the Major Arcana card I’m most drawn to, and the “make or break” card when it comes to whether I’ll like a particular deck or not. You …

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The Obligatory Fifth-Anniversary-of-9/11 Entry

written as a letter to myself on that day, from today, five years later. Dear Julia, Tonight you sit alone in Woodstock, in stunned shock along with the rest of the world at the events of this morning.  You remember that the day started as an ordinary day; you got to GPC about 8:40 for …

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The Ghost of Sara Tokars???

The legend of the Tokars house just won’t quit. I found out at dinner tonight (parents, sister & her family, uncle and aunt up from Talla) that the guy that Dad sold the Tokars house to turned around and re-listed it as soon as he found out (well after the closing) about Sara Tokars’ kidnapping …

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