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What I Did on My Spring Break

I took Marjorie Langston’s glass beadmaking classes at the John C. Campbell Folk School in western North Carolina. Yes, I could have stayed home all week and torched, but I would have had a multitude of distractions and no feedback. This way I learned new techniques, played with new ideas, fed off of my classmates’ …

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Off for a week

Nothing here for the next week — I will be up at the John C. Campbell Folk School taking lampworking classes with Marjorie Langston. I promise a report when I return!

Break Time!!!

Hurrah! Exams are graded, grades are posted, I can spend the next 2 1/2 weeks NOT thinking about work. Well, I should write up my two-months-overdue annual report B.S. over the break, but I bet I don’t. That can wait until January. Instead, I’m going to sleep catch up on my reading update Art of …

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