Here are links to some of my writing — some were school assignments, some extracted from emails to friends, some just their own thing. Many of these are PDF documents; others are being converted to PDF form as time permits.

Art and Art History Papers — 20th Century Artists

Art History Papers — Renaissance to 20th Century

Art and Art History Papers — Non-Western Art History


Travel Stories


You are quietly there At each new roadblock Backing my strength With your own, and I can handle anything Sometimes…I am the Earth You toss me a new thought I catch it, contemplate, Join my words to yours And watch them sail Into the distance Sometimes…I am the Air You saw into my shell, Broke …

Madelyn van der Hoogt's weaving class at Penland School of Crafts, August 1996

Madelyn van der Hoogt’s Penland Class, August 1996

Taken on the front porch of Craft House by some wonderful anonymous person. Photo of the Penland Gang Front row (left to right): Rosemary Hurley, Clementine Comer, Becky Ruesche, Madelyn van der Hoogt, Lisette Dorsey Back row (left to right): Susan Glass, Mary Wanamaker, Jane Bird, Andrea LaRue, Minnie LaRue, Larry Corbitt, me, Joy Wood During …

Moving On

No anger here, nor hate for you Regret I feel, ’tis true I long ago forgave your fears I’ll always care for you If this indeed be your true wish I softly walk away With dignity, with quiet grace With nothing left to say copyright © 2003 by Julia E. Benson

Penland School of Crafts, Summer 2000

The Whole Cloth May 28-June 10, 2000 This course was billed as a little of everything, intending to create handwoven fabric which we would then embellish with a wide variety of surface design techniques. We certainly did that, and more, with 14 students, two studio assistants, two teachers (Susan Brandeis of NC State University and Chris Zoller of East Carolina University), …

So What Is a “Solitary Eclectic Non-Denominational Pagan,” Anyway?

Updated July 2014, long overdue. The basic beliefs, principles & philosophies have not changed, but my life has, and so some of the information needed revision, especially in the F.A.Q. Let’s get one thing straight right off. What it ISN’T is Satanic or of the Devil, no matter what you may have been told by …


Truth slips up against my side Silent in the dark Creeps under the covers with me And shares her secrets In a chilly house, 4 a.m. Exiled from my bed We huddle in a chair, she and I Truth, my cold comfort Wooly socks guard our feet from cold Blue quilt wraps around us Too …