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Mar 05

List Me, Baby!

(C4ward March Blogathon Day 4) Five Goals to Achieve Sometime Before I Die Create jewelry items that tribal dancers buy, love, and wear while performing. Perform a solo at a major bellydance event like TribalCon. Travel to New Zealand, and maybe Australia too. DH & I don’t really care that much for travel, but we …

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Mar 04

Sharing My Favorite Creative Work

Käthe Kollwitz image

(C4ward March Blogathon Day 3 post, a day late because Monday is my insanely long day with no breathing room) What should I show as my favorite creative work? In what area did I DO my favorite creative work? Was it this pair of chainmaille earrings? Or these earrings made from one of my favorite …

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Mar 02

Five Year Plan? What Five Year Plan?

Shawl Pin by Andrea Winkler using my glass bead

C4ward March Blogathon: Day 2 Prompt “Where” is your creative work going? Envision yourself and your work five years or more from now. Who are you and what do you see your work as “being”? How is your work “evolving” and “becoming”? What about your work inspires you? Inspires others? Where are you going and …

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Nov 27

Knit Project #1 DONE

Yesterday I bound off my first knitting project, and late in the night I finished weaving in the ends. It’s done!! I have cast-on, knittedknittedknittedknitted endlessly it seemed, bound off, and woven in ends. I do still have to wash it, which I plan to do a bit vigorously to felt it a bit, and …

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Nov 20

This is a Job For the Karma Fairy

Last fall at the Atlanta Bead Expo, a customer saw my stainless steel European 4-in-1 chainmaille cuff on my wrist and fell in love with it. I really didn’t want to sell it, because it had been a bugger to make and I knew it would take me a while to make another to replace …

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Nov 07

So I CAN Knit

For all the years I spent doing textile arts, I never did learn to knit. I tried to in junior high — got a pair of big chunky wooden knitting needles and some kind of god-awful acrylic yarn and tried to learn. It was a mess. I thought about trying to learn several times after …

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Nov 06

Sunday Adventures at Chastain

I’m really tired out after this weekend’s show, but I do have to share today’s unusual event. Andrea and I were interviewed on camera today by two students from the Holy Innocents’ School media program. They were interviewing some of the artists at the festival for a feature on the school’s closed circuit broadcast channel …

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Nov 05

What Makes an Art Festival Good, or Not

This weekend is our last art festival of the year, at Chastain Park. Even though I do find them stressful, I usually enjoy the art festivals (at least when I don’t have four in a row!). Of course, some are better than others. So what makes the good ones good? Easy load-in and load-out. Load-in …

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Dec 07

So many ideas, so little time…

Last night I had an inspired idea for a new experiment to try with my glass. I'm not yet going to say what it is specifically because I don't want to give it away before I have a chance to try it out. When will that be? Well, not this week for sure because I …

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Nov 10


I don't consider myself the most patient person in the world — far from it. I want things to get done, and done right, right now. To hell with waiting. I also have no patience with people that aren't willing to try, to put forth their best effort, when they are responsible for doing something.  …

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